Bowery Polaroids is an ongoing project documenting the transitions of New York City's Bowery neighborhood through environmental portraits of locals and snippets of what living there is all about. The street each individual lives on is written under their portrait.

Quotes and portraits are arranged in an anonymous order.

Google Maps recognizes the area in red as the Bowery.

Roughly 16 streets/avenues make up this slice of the Lower East Side of Manhattan but as someone whose walked all those streets up and down, left and right, for hours on end - I can vouch for the fact that there's no clear indication of "entering" or "exiting" the Bowery. 

At one point, the neighborhood was primarily occupied by Dominican Republicans but over time a stronger Chinese presence took over - which takes us to today. A time where galleries, museums, high-end stores and luxury condos are quickly contributing to the gentrification and therefore culture of this area. 

My goal is to make a living document of the neighborhood as it is in 2016. The quotes are anonymous from each person photographed so as to create a seamless conversation between locals and what it really means to be one. The person who's lived here 3 weeks is just as much of a local as the one whose family has lived here for generations. We all contribute to the heartbeat of the Bowery in one way or another just by being there. The streets these locals live on are written on the bottom of their polaroid.

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